The Medicinal and Herbal Properties of

Our Hand-Milled Soaps



Land of Milk And Honey Exfoliating Oatmeal Bars for Normal To Dry Skin – In the Old Testament, the promised land is referred to as “A land of milk and honey” meaning a land of plenty, nourishment, and joy.  Before chemical concoctions made by major manufacturers, it was a well-known fact that milk has just what dry skin needs to maintain a healthy moisture balance.  Honey, by the same token helps to heal cracked, dry skin, and seals in moisture.  Oatmeal is a very soft but effective abrasive.  Unlike pumice and sand, it will not damage the outer layers of living skin, but will help to slough off dead skin cells.  Also, oatmeal as an abrasive will not break the tiny and delicate blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin as many over the counter store exfoliants are likely to do.


Asian Meditation Moisturizing Body Bar for Normal to Oily Skin – This wonderful bar is formulated to give those with oily or combination skin the ability to give the skin a healthy moisture without making it feel greasy.  It also supplies the skin with Vitamin E, an ingredient that keeps the skin tight, and full of youth.  Unlike Many store bought bars, this bar doesn’t rely on chemical additives to achieve its aim, and will not damage dryer areas, or dry out the skin.  It contains Rice milk and Rice flour, so in addition to being a fantastic bar for cleansing, it is also a good soap vegans, as it does not rely on any animal product to achieve it’s cosmetic advantages.  This bar contains tea tree oil, and has a slight fragrance of green tea.  In addition to keeping the skin healthy, it is intended to relax the body and spirit in preparation for prayer or meditation.


Sleepy Time Body Bar with Chamomile Buds and Jasmine for Normal to Dry Skin – This bar is designed to make even the toughest work day vanish into a blissful and relaxing bed-time.  Chamomile has been known since ancient times to have a soothing quality.  It is often used in natural teas whose purpose is to put a person to sleep.  The chamomile buds in this soap also serve as a very soft and mild abrasive, which can ease off dirt and dead skin cells without harming the living skin underneath.  While this soap won’t make you collapse into a slumber in the shower or bath, it will add to your relaxation before you go to sleep.  Jasmine also has this relaxing quality.  This soap is rich in moisture and is ideal for dry skin, although it can be used on all skin types.  The chamomile and jasmine combination will help to insure pleasant dreams.


Sore Muscle Ache and Pain Relief Body Bar With Comfrey and White Willow – If you are an athlete or do any rigorous labor at your workplace, this is the soap for you!  Infused with powdered spearmint, peppermint, and comfrey leaves, this soap will act as a mild exfolitant after or before a hard days work.  Comfrey is like nature’s answer to Ben-Gay of Aspercream, and is useful in relieving minor aches and pains.  Peppermint and Spearmint are often used to ease and soothe the spirit when it is ill, or overworked.  The Soap also contains powdered white willow bark, which is said to be used by the wizard Merlin to heal the injured and reduce fevers.  Modern science now knows that Willow is a natural source of salycin from which aspirin originally came!  This bar has a refreshing minty fragrance, which helps to combat odor as well.  It’s a great bar to take for a soak in the tub after a hard day or rigorous workout.


Fairy Folk Garden Bar with Pixie Dust and Hyacinth –

This bar is great for the fun and fancy free spirit in all of us.  It is said in folklore that fairies bring good luck on a farm and blossoms in the garden.  Whether you believe in fairies or not, this bar is a fantastic moisturizer with a nice Hyacinth fragrance.  This transparent soap is filled with tiny glitter dust which can do a little scrubbing of it’s own, but will not harm the skin in any way.  This is a fantastic soap to use after a little time in the garden.  In addition, hyacinth is said to attract fairies around the home and garden to make it all the more magickal and lucky.


“Love Me My Lovely” With Strawberries, Raspberries, and Rose Rich Bath Moisture Bar – This bar is intended to give the skin lots of moisture and also add a little fun to the bath.  For centuries, raspberries and strawberries have been considered aphrodisiacs, and roses, by the same token are held to be the flower for lovers.  Share this soap with your sweetie, or use it before a big date.  Although it has a strong fragrance in the shower, once used, the fragrance will leave behind a slight trace of its fruity and rosy smell, telling that special someone how you really feel about them.  These fruits also contain elements, which keep the skin healthy and soft.


Oceanica Sea Kelp Relaxer Mild Exfoliant & Moisturizer for Combination Skin – If your one of those folks with skin that seems to stay greasy in some parts and so dry it peels in others, then you’ll love this bar of soap!  With a sweet “Oceanica” fragrance, it brings a calm relaxing feeling with it every time you use it.  This soap also contains sea kelp, a natural, but very soft grainy material that can get rid of the dead skin cells while the moisture of the soap balances out your skins moisture.  You’ll love the way it makes your skin and senses feel.  Throughout the course of history, the mystery of the sea has lured people to it with promises of adventure, discovery, and romance.  Sea kelp helps to focus energy, and also is used in relaxation and meditation.                   


“Forget Your Troubles” Refreshing/Soothing Lavender Bar for the Hands and Body – This Bar is great to keep in the kitchen and bath as a hand bar for yourself and guests.  The lavender buds in the soap will get rid of dish grime and gardening dirt, and the soap itself is every gentle on the hands.  In addition this soap contains 100% pure lavender essential oil, and is both pleasant and soothing to smell.  Lavender has been known for centuries to relax the spirit and body, to ease a troubled heart, and also to aide in magickal workings designed to help a person forget the troubles that are plaguing them in their life.  Using this concept, we have designed this bar to help you forget the daily rigmarole and feel better after a nice bath or shower.


“Meadow Orchards” Moisturizing Hand and Body Bar (For Children and Adults) – This bar is sweet and tantalizing in the bath and shower.  With colorful curls in the soap it lends itself well as a fun bath bar for kids.  Mild, and all natural, this playful bar is intended to bring out the child in all of us.  With and invigorating Cherry and Pear fragrance, this bar reminds one of a holiday in the country, or a picnic in the park.  Magickally speaking, pear and cherry can serve any number of purposes.  In this bar, they are combined to help invigorate the spirit, and replenish the energy that makes a person “tick”.  Combined, they help release the inner child, and therefore make a great bar to take on trips, or use the morning of a trip to the beach or park. 


“3 in 1” Cornmeal Facial Bar / Opens Pores, Exfoliates, and Locks in Healthy Moisture – Like many of our other bars, we go back to mother earth to help us achieve a cosmetic aim.  Cornmeal is naturally known to help open up the pores, and because it is naturally grainy, it will also exfoliate the skin.  We’ve added to this concept, the magickal healing properties of benzoin gum, an incense used to ask for religious guidance in healing, to help clear up trouble areas in the skin, for a natural beauty, and confidence outside and in.


“Creative Juices” Body Bar with Fragrance & Herbs to Inspire Creation and Invention – In addition to being fantastic for the skin, this bar is designed to help the artist create.  If you are an artist with writer’s block, or are having trouble creating nowadays, this bar was made for you.  Calendula flowers and powdered ginger are herbs which are used in both Magick and aromatherapy to stimulate the creative brain, and even science has conceded that the fragrance of these plants do help clear the mind of unwanted thoughts and increase focus.  Here, we have combined them with the healing properties of benzoin gum to help unblock the senses, and allow creativity and invention to flow freely.


“Bath of Prosperity” Money and Luck Attracting Bar with Sprite Glamour and Spearmint – Throughout history, men (and women), have sought the means to become wealthy.  They have visited fortunetellers, purchased tinctures and potions from medicine men, visited the Romanies, and cast magickal spells to bring about financial change.  We won’t promise that you will win the publisher’s clearing house after using this bar, but it will help to tap into your own potential.  With Benzoin gum, dragons blood, and pine essential oils to help increase the energies that attract finance and luck, this bar also contains “Glamour”, a magick in Irish folk-lore that helps keep the spirits of prosperity nearby.  Our “Glamour” is actually hypoallergenic body glitter colored green (the color of luck and prosperity), and is added mostly for the visualization of the color green.  In addition, each bar contains real money, and if a financial wish is made upon them, it will come true as soon as the money becomes exposed and is set out of the soap.


“Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh” Germ Fighting Anti-Bacterial Bar – Naturally colored a “Golden-Amber” color

and contains powdered frankincense and powdered myrrh.  Not only do these herbs have magickal healing properties, but myrrh has been known since ancient times to help fight illness.  Because of science, we now know that myrrh has “antibacterial” qualities.  This is a fantastic bar to use when you are down with the sniffles, and can be kept in the kitchen and bathroom to use for hand washing.


“Wash On The Glamour” Moisturizing Beauty Bar For

Beauty of Body, Spirit, and Heart – This bar is designed to bring out the beauty within.  In Magick, a glamour is a spell designed to create an illusion to make an onlooker see what you wish them to see.  With this tradition in mind, we designed this bar to work with what you’ve got inside.  It won’t turn you into a super-model overnight, but with the herbs inside, it will help to repair any self-doubt that you may have, and give you more confidence in your inner gifts.

This soap has a little powdered ginger, which can not only bring luck, but can also boost your ability to be charming.  The bar is colored yellow, the color of charm and attraction, and it contains 100% pure gardenia, dragons blood, vanilla, and grapefruit essential oils, which are considered fragrances of love and flirtation.  This playful soap also contains purple pixie dust.  This is a color for healing and combined with the yellow, it is intended to help heal any doubts you may have about your appearance, or how others may perceive you.